Tech Expo.

Tech Expo

Bridging Communities with Technology: Fort Bend's Path to Progress

We are the advisory council for innovation and technology in Fort Bend County through education, workforce development, advocacy, healthcare, and economic growth.

Fort Bend County is a dynamic community where business and commerce thrive. Coined as "The best kept secret in the tech world" - Tom Webb, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Customer Relations with HCSS

Fort Bend County's has a multitude of resources to help educate and advocate for technology in a number of business sectors.

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Advocates for Fort Bend Technology

As the epicenter of growth and development for businesses and communities, Fort Bend is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation,  a pro-business region with a population over 850,000 encompassing seventeen cities and villages. Fort Bend is inspired by individual initiative, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the strength of our diversity.  The County is home to top-tier academic institutions developing the workforce and a multitude of businesses building cutting edge software, researching advancements in technology, manufacturing, and much more.  Fort Bend is a hub of innovation for the next century!

Why Fort Bend?